Posted by: patrick | April 28, 2002

congrats to UVA

wassup my uva brothers of lambda phi epsilon,

congratulations again on becoming part of the brotherhood. like i said before, knowing that you guys are my brothers now and seeing all of you cross that line has been just as important to me as i know it has been for all of you. it’s been hard these past few months with my father passing away (in december), but i realize that by working with each of you to become lambda men, i’ve also been able to help myself in these chaotic times. this is the first time i’ve worked with a charter class, but from what i’ve seen from you and from the efforts of your hopkins mentors and brothers, you have set the standard for all the other groups that come after you in this region. i’m definitely proud to say that i was given the opportunity to be a part of it.

no longer are each of you merely chinese, vietnamese, filipino, cambodian, korean, or desi men. you are all asian pacific american. furthermore, you are all not just acquaintances or friends, but brothers. brothers for life…eternally. brothers of lambda phi epsilon. live your LiFE to the fullest, whether it be as a student, as a mentor, as a son, as a father, as a worker, or as a lover. let what you have learned as a pledge, and what you will learn as an active, flow through everything you do, everything you believe in. that, to me, is the essence of being a brother of lambda phi epsilon.

again, thank you. thank you for becoming my brothers. thank you for showing me what brotherhood is, and what it will be. thank you for being there for me, and remember that i will always be here for you.

in eternal brotherhood,


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