Posted by: patrick | May 1, 2002


Ha…more angst! If death and taxes are certain, so is angst with me. not de-mobilizing, paralyzing angst, but just plain angst and anxiety. the marine corps decision is bothering me again, but not the idea of it. rather, the timing. i just end up thinking about work, home, family, and joining up, and i wonder if the timing is right. or can i really control it? just go and do it, and handle it the best way you can? what to do, what to do.

last saturday i went down to the university of virginia for our new lambda phi epsilon chapter’s installs. unfortunately, one of the hopkins bros got pulled over on the way down…i was in the lead, and i slowed down when i thought that there would be a po-po around the corner…and sure enough there was. but the other two cars behind me didn’t slow down in time, and the rear car got pulled. damn me.

knowing that the uva guys are lambda men now makes me proud, but it also tells me how long i’ve been out here in the dc area now. jeez. man, why’d i take those shots of christian brothers? each one kept on makin me retch. but i did get adequately faded, if there is such a term.

i might see spider man this weekend with aisha…yay! enjoy life.


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