Posted by: patrick | May 17, 2002


wow…it’s been a while since i’ve posted. things have been going great these past few weeks now. saw star wars episode 2 last night with aisha. i liked it a lot, but there were a lot of things i knew could have been better. like the acting of the guy who plays anakin skywalker. he sucked ass. hope he improves before episode 3, cuz hes gonna become darth vader then.

yesterday to talked to one of my co-workers, Barbara, about grad school. she told me about geography as a graduate field, and what can be done with it. Yeah, you’re probably thinking that it’ll just be for kids and finding Kuala Lumpur on a map huh? she broke it down nicely…there’s physical geography, cultural geography, political geography, even geography w/ IT (GIS-geographic information systems). go figure. if you’re talking about globalization, geography must be important. something to consider with my graduate school plans.

i have a major lit review due next week. gotta write it now. be back soon.


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