Posted by: patrick | June 10, 2002


Another hiatus from posting. I should be using this more often.

Some time ago, on memorial day weekend, I went to the 13th annual Lambda Phi Epsilon convention. Lambda Phi Epsilon (LPhiE) is a national Asian Pacific American Fraternity. That’s our focus…our members come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. I’m sure many of them joined to learn more about Asian Pacific cultures and such…or to meet Asian girls and eat good food. I digress.

At the convention, I didn’t feel it this time as I did in previous years. Maybe I’m just too old for this junk. Especially the rowdiness and the chaos and the room-trashing. Man, Asian male college students can sure be hella disrespectful of other people’s property. The young guys from my chapter sure had a good time though. I’ve heard that this convention was the best yet. At least I liked the Texas BBQ. Good food is always a plus. I can move on now from working on LPhiE national board…focus on what I want to do.

This past weekend was quite chill. I ate at Malibu Grill, which is a Brazilian BBQ restaurant…all you can eat. Waiters walk around with large skewers of BBQ beef, ribs, pork, chicken, and sausages, and ask you if you want some or not. Mighty feasty. They have a salad bar and a hot food bar too…good papas fritas there. Fried bananas too. Ron and I grubbed away at the place. Yum yum.

Sunday was the Philippine Independence Day celebration in DC. There was a Filipinana fair in Freedom Plaza…Aisha and I rolled on down to it. Saw a bunch of local folks I knew. Gerald, Garrett, Samantha, Jojo, Gem, Eric, Raf, Jay, my cousin Ron, and a bunch of other peeps. Later we hit up the Natural History museum at the Smithsonian and critiqued the cultural representations and interpretations they had there. Definitely look at the African culture exhibit there…it’s modernized and off the heazy…fo sheezay.


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