Posted by: patrick | July 6, 2002


wassup everybody…here’s another delayed entry for you. who reads this anyway, besides me? i should link this to other folks sites. like my friend nick…he got me started doing this blog thing. Check him out at his site,

just got back from a UVA kdphi party in DC…it’s their kapitol explosion weekend. it was cool hanging out with folks i know, but the music was quite wack for about two hours. once the hip-hop was spinning, folks started shaking their butts. still though, the music could have been better. can’t keep on hitting these mostly-asian joints. need some diversity.

well, my work probation ends this week (or will at least be reviewed). it’s been rough adjusting to the work world, and the demands placed on me at work. college doesn’t prepare you for some of the little things about work…just mainly the thinking and analyzing part. you have to learn the common-sense stuff elsewhere. always be willing to learn on the job, and don’t get hung up on mistakes–learn from them. at least the folks at work are cool…we hung out on the 5th of july, after work. had some 3 dollar yuengling pints and 2 dollar raspberry-something shooters. tight.

how many career changes have i considered in the past month? track it: intelligence officer, financial planner, enrolled agent, teacher, some staffer in higher ed, and so on…what will i think up next? any suggestions?

here’s another link for you: janis’s site. one of my friends here, and one of the reasons i work in DC now–professionally speaking, of course. much props, girl. thank you for everything!



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