Posted by: patrick | July 10, 2002


the following was actually from yesterday during the day…

july 9, 2002

I got terminated from my job today…man, i feel shitty. What the fuck do i do now? Fuckin’-a. Looks like i’m starting my drinking session early today.

I gave my work what i could, and it fuckin’ wasn’t good enough. Was it really my 110 percent? Maybe it wasn’t. It’s been hard to focus solely on work. I’m not the type to want to take work home, unless i’m that passionate about it.

Mother-fucking bullshit…goddamn it to hell…

So what are you going to do about it? You can’t just hang about, bitching and moaning. If anythinq, now is the time for action. To do something, anything different. Broaden your perspective…do sheit w/ my life.

I’m now at cafe citron, near dupont circle…drowning my sorrow/anger in latin beers and mixed drinks. As tupac said: keep your head up. Man, life can suck at times.

�Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.�


why the marines? I shouldn’t make any hasty decisions at this time of my life, but i do need to explore all of my options. I plan to look into americorps also. Anything for my country sounds good, i guess. Anythinq to get me out of an office. Even if it means going to exotic new places, meeting interesting people, and blasting the shit out of them. just playing…really. Really.

Man, life can sure suck.


shit, i’m faded already. I’m one low tolerance mofo. Hanging w/ karen, a summer intern at ui…just bitching my experience away.


on the metro back to butt-fuckin greenbelt. I am a lightweight. Or maybe i need to eat something. No matter. I’m still pissed. I spilled my mojito at the bar; the bartender got me a new one. small condolence i guess, but mad props anyway. mos definitely. a mojito is rum, mint, lime, sugar, and ice…no other mixers. it tastes hella good too, even w/o any other filler. hella good…. Just talked shop w/ karen and dany at the joint. I’ll prolly call one of my cali homies tonight.


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