Posted by: patrick | July 10, 2002


damn, my internet was all offline today. wack wack. i hit up the library here in columbia to file a loan forbearance, as well as to look for possible work opportunities. I saw the Americorps web site today too. there’s some cool postings in california, with community development, economic empowerment stuff. lots and lots of youth/education work in americorps also.

in the morning, i went to talk to a marine OSO (officer selection officer) about joining the corps again. some people think i have a death wish or something…others like the decision. i ain’t shipping anywhere yet. i need to figure out what i want to do and when i want to do it.

ya know, i’m not too sad at all. a little pissed off, and a little upset in general. but i seem to be taking advantage of my opportunity so far. i talked to kick my dog from VA today…he told me about working with his temp agency at banks and such. sounds intriguing. do i want to do reasearch again? i don’t fuckin know yet. i do know that if i do, i better love what i’m studying that i’ll take it home with me.

hungry. warrior need food badly….


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