Posted by: patrick | August 3, 2002


I’m currently in Charlottesville, VA…at the University of Virginia. Random fact: when UVA was founded by Thomas Jefferson way back when, he wanted to have an public institution of higher learning separate from the power of religious institutions. TJ himself went to the College of William and Mary, when it was controlled by the Anglican Church. It’s a state school now though. They have cool Dell computers here running XP Pro. sweet. but i’d rather have a powerbook G4. i can always dream. I had some good mexican food here in town also, at a place called guadalajara. chile colorado, w/ rice, beans, and tortillas. yum yum yum. more drinking later tonight. I can barely remember last night of all things…I sure drank a lot.

I’m still trying to figure out my future career path. too many possibilities–i must narrow them down soon. focus my search. well, back to random web browsing. peace.


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