Posted by: patrick | August 9, 2002


audentes fortuna juvat.

my decision is made. I am applying for Marine Corps Officer Candidate School. After spending my weekend in c-ville, at Monticello, and getting my contemplation and meditation time in, it became the right thing to do, at least at this time in my life. It’s something I care about, and I believe I can get as much out of it as I put in. We’ll have to see if I’m selected first as an officer. God be with me.

I’m still pursuing other options around here, but not at the same intensity. The bookstore gig won’t start until September, I’m still locating financial planners and advisers in the local area to see how the field is, and I still need to get information about Fannie Mae. Oh yeah, I need to get info on profs in the local area and find out if I can do research with any of them. this is no time to sit on my ass.

This world has so many negatives going for it. Executives stealing money and screwing up their employees, terrorism and violence, power only coming from those who have money/guns/both…. It makes me wonder sometimes how there are still good people everywhere. But there are.



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