Posted by: patrick | January 16, 2003


I came back to San Francisco today after a few days in my old stomping grounds…Santa Cruz. It felt great seeing the blue skies, the redwood trees, and the occasional deer that crosses the campus road again. During my few days there, I saw old friends, both students and staff (no faculty I knew before during this visit). Stayed with Alex for one night and in the Lambda House near the mission for two nights. I even helped out with their two rush events this week (can you believe it? I’m too old for this ish). I also brought down my Band of Brothers DVDs to watch with Milton for the two nights I stayed in the house.

Not only did I meet old folks and friends, I met Paul Lubeck, a professor of sociology, for the first time. He gave me some good advice about pursuing my research interests in economics, sociology, and their role in globalization. Will look for international public policy programs now, on top of my other interests for master’s programs. Even met two/three graduate students at UCSC during this visit. Must ask about the PhD student life sometime.

One strange dream I had one night this week: I remember being in some large hall, like a dance floor, as if I’m on vacation. Many hallways lead out of the hall. All of a sudden, it seems like the hall is sinking, and water floods in through some of the passageways. Other people there flee for their lives, myself included. I was madly running for a while, until the water stopped flowing in my direction. Hallways were flooded, but i couldn’t tell if I was on a ship or on a floating building or something. Generally, I don’t remember my dreams, but that was one of the few. Wonder what it might mean…maybe nothing, just random thoughts.


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