Posted by: patrick | January 29, 2003


Sunday, October 20, 2002

Hey world…haven’t posted on here in a while. Currently I have no voice. I must have been recovering from a cold the past few days, and the congestion reached my vocal cords. Now i sound like The Godfather.

Starting next week I’ve got a crazy schedule. I’ll be interning at Merrill Lynch during the day, and at night I’ll either be in class or working at the SF Borders bookstore in Stonestown. Since I’ll be working at Borders on the weekends too, I only have Fridays free. Hella busy. I hope I can handle it these next two months.

Yesterday was Sam’s birthday (Sam’s a friend of mine from UCSC; we lived in the same dorm freshman and sophomore year) I went with Sam and a bunch of our mates to Buca di Beppo, this Italian restaurant that serves enormous portions, family style. Sam took a shot of this drink called a “lemoncello”, which is 151 and everclear steeped with lemon rind for a few weeks, then mixed with sugar and drunk as a shot. Sam had major Asian Red Syndrome after that.

We hit up a bar after that. I think that’s now I lost my voice. Ugh.


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