Posted by: patrick | January 29, 2003


Sunday, November 24, 2002

Rest in peace, “J-Lo” Chen. I never met you, but I know that you’re a strong brother, in this life and the next. To my UVA brothers:

And I’ll take with me the memories
To be my sunshine after the rain
It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday.

-Boyz II Men, “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday”

I’ve ended my work at Merrill Lynch, and I’ll be spending the month of December working at my mom’s office as well as braving the maniac crowds at Borders. I hope I survive the Christmas rush there while I’m working the cashier counter! My mom asked me to attend some of her investment club meetings. Her investment clubs have been torn apart with the current bull market…their portfolios are probably undiversified and heavily weighted in tech stocks! Need to work on a powerpoint presentation to show my uncles and aunties (all of those investment club members knew me when I was a kid, and you know how you all every filipino adult “tito” or “tita”).

On Friday, my family went down to Santa Cruz to get the new car. After my Nissan Altima got smashed up on I-80, I’ve looked to get a new car, so we picked out a Subaru WRX wagon, in rally blue. Learning how to use a manual transmission is an adventure, that’s for sure. But you do get to gain a level of awareness with your car that you can’t achieve with an automatic. The WRX is a hella cool car. It’s an all-wheel drive, 227-horsepower experience. Has some sluggishness in the low rpms, but once you’re above 2000-2500, it has kick! Plus, the bucking feeling when you let off the clutch too soon makes you feel like you’re riding a bull. =P

Friday I checked out Storyville with Joanne–the other folks who I thought could make it couldn’t, but I had a good time anyway. Bobbito (aka DJ Cucumber Slice) from NYC was there spinning some old-school funk and soul, but with a hip-hop feel. There were other DJs spinning good hip hop also. Drank 1.5 long beach iced teas…possibly the best drink on earth to get me slammed! Last night I went with my brother to Border Cantina, since DJ Apollo was there. Met up with Phillip, his roommate Chris, and Ryan Tolentino from Death Rho. Too much partying this weekend!

Have a good Thanksgiving everyone!


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