Posted by: patrick | January 29, 2003


Tuesday, November 26, 2002

I know it’s three weeks after the 2002 elections, but I’m still politically depressed. Emotionally I’m doing great, but is there hope for us disgruntled Democrats? I would have voted Green Party for this last election if only my ballot came to my address; our process of voting needs much improvement, on top of other things! Check this: I can effortlessly vote my proxies for my mutual funds online in less than five minutes, but when I fill out all my election paperwork correctly and they tell me I’ll receive an absentee ballot, the damn ballot doesn’t come in! Wack yo. Just effin’ wack.

So the Republicans control the White House, both houses of Congress, and basically the Supreme Court too (who got Bush into Gore’s White House?). Man, after eight years of Clinton and other Democrats trying to out-Republican Republicans in so many ways, and two years of this pretender in office, what’s next? War in Iraq just because the government wants to do it? More and more people unable to afford health care? The further trampling of the civil, privacy, and human rights of lawful residents? Where’s the “loyal opposition”? Where’s the debate? Where’s the initiative for creating alternatives to the right-wing juggernaut? Where’s the real solutions to these real problems?

Just my one cent. I’m still working on the other penny….


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