Posted by: patrick | January 10, 2006

long hiatus

blogger/blogspot to xanga to livejournal to blogger again…I’ll try to settle here for a while and actually write some blog entries again. Those other sites are fun to use though, especially when you want to read and link to what other folks are writing about. But I don’t necessarily need to write for other people to read. (Although if you don’t, what’s the point of a blog then?) I do think writing functions somewhat as my own catharsis.

I’ll put an effort to writing here again. I’ll probably keep those other accounts open to snoop on what other folks have been writing about.

The Christmas break is over, and I’m back at school, working on exams and grading them, thinking about lesson plans for next semester, and dreading the next semester at SF State. I can’t complain though. The break allowed me to veg out doing what I enjoy: watching DVDs, playing video games, and catching up on my reading. I was able to borrow the whole A History of Britain series from the SF Library (15 episodes of documentary!) as well as watch all of Battlestar: Galatica Season 1 (thank you Ed!). Plus I had a good two weeks to reacquaint myself with World of Warcraft. Definitely can’t complain.

Since January 3, I’ve been kept really busy. Work, Marine drill over the weekend, planning final exams, and today I attended MacWorld Expo to see the new Intel Macs. Very, very nice. I’m already salivating over the new iMacs with the dual-core Intel chips. I hope my credit card can handle it.


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