Posted by: patrick | January 31, 2006

I actually have a bit of free time this Tuesday night where I’m not worried about getting the next day’s lessons ready. SF State is starting tomorrow, and I have both classes every Wednesday night. 4 PM to 10 PM. Excellent.

Since the new semester started, Tuesday (and the Monday night before) has been my hell night preparing for classes. I have three completely different classes to prepare for every Tuesday, and they’re all double-length classes (80 min). Monday and Tuesday really leave me exhausted once 3:00 rolls around. But once I get home, I’m not too worried about the next day, since I’m repeating two classes from Tuesday. I guess I should prepare then for Thursday, but I’m not the best advance planner as of late. Actually, I’ve been quite the procrastinator. I really shouldn’t , considering I need to review lots of geometry for one math class, I have to figure out how to discuss integration with another math class, and I should review and revamp some of my curriculum for Economics. Just do it a little at a time, I guess.

I’ve noticed how quick the house gets cluttered and messy once Mom goes out on vacation. I don’t mind how things can be slightly disorganized when M. and I have to take care of things ourselves. It’s nice having some responsibility over things. We just have more leeway on how far things can go before they need to be fixed again. It takes work to keep a house clean, though, and I often don’t have time during the week, so everything goes to hell until the weekend.


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