Posted by: patrick | April 15, 2006

still wet outside

it’s been 2 weeks since rock climbing, celebrate spring, and the worst head cold i’ve had in years. it felt like someone pumped my head with an air compressor.

i find it fascinating how the typical cold is quite predictable. you don’t know when it’s going to strike, but when it does, it’s apparent. first you have the scratchy feeling in the throat that refuses to go away with constant swigs of water (though tea does help a little); then the full-blown sore throat which requires lots of soup to keep you sane (arrozcaldo or jook for you filipino and chinese folks); the migration of discomfort from the throat to the nose and sinuses; and finally, the incessant congestion, nose-blowing, and phlegm-hacking.

now my foot’s hurting. since conge on tuesday, my left foot feels like there’s a bone protruding out, so i feel it when i have my shoes on. i wonder if it’s a collapsing arch problem on my foot. ugh. maybe i ran too hard in the presidio on monday. it’s hell trying to run while recovering from a cold; my oxygen intake was less than usual, and i couldn’t keep up with the rest of the group. hopefully i’ll be better for this coming monday. with the marine physical fitness test coming up in may, i need all the practice time i can get.


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