Posted by: patrick | March 6, 2007

2 am on a tuesday morning

I probably shouldn’t be writing this, but I’m effin’ tired, behind on work, trying to figure out my kids’ midterms and midterm reviews, going through career angst and confusion, and constantly distracted by GMail, Myspace, Facebook, and WordPress. I have Marine training this weekend (where the hell is the frost call?), and I’ll have to start writing midterms once I get back Sunday night. I’ve noticed I don’t have the energy to work non-stop; I’ll nap, doze off, drift off watching the telly, end up with a book covering my face, and so on.

I think my retirement portfolio dropped $1000-$2000 in last week’s chaos also. It’s funny how sums of money in the low thousand range don’t really awe me anymore.

Effin’ BBC radio feed isn’t working either. Ugh.


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