Posted by: patrick | May 18, 2007

AP Economics over…

Just had my kids take the AP Macroeconomics exam this morning. At my school, the AP exam is the end of the course, so it’s a relief for me not having to cram more information in their brains. Whew.

This experience of teaching an AP course has led me to question some of the purposes of having AP exams in various subjects. Although I was able to have a full year to teach a course that many schools do in one semester, I still felt rushed, going from topic to topic without having much depth. I wondered sometimes, “Am I teaching the subject of economics or am I just teaching how to take an economics test?” Many interesting topics got left by the wayside. I especially regret not covering much more about personal finance and investing…the stock market and so on.

At least the AP Macroeconomics exam didn’t seem as bad as it could be. Some of my students said it went well…no shell-shocked looks after the test ended.

Now that it’s over, anyone want to buy old economics textbooks? Anyone?


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