Posted by: patrick | August 25, 2007

motivation, vis-a-vis being unemployed

Not having a paid job to keep me motivated to work (both positive and negative motivation–you choose which one you like) has been hell to my productivity. I’m working on an application to the masters program in economics at SF State right now, and just writing up a CV (curriculum vitae – a resume used in academic fields) was a grueling experience. I generally don’t like writing resumes, so it took a good deal of time finishing it for the folks writing letters of rec. for me.

Funny, I was writing the letters before for my high school kids applying for undergrad, and now I’m put in my students’ role.

I digress. Suffice it to say that I don’t have adequate carrots or sticks to keep me working on what needs to be done (applications to school or work, resumes, research on companies or careers, etc.) Too many distractions abound. And it doesn’t help that we’ve just purchased a Wii.

Any advice or suggestions?


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