Posted by: patrick | November 26, 2007

begin pre-deployment

I’m writing this in my motel room, a little over 2 hours before our morning formation for PT. I can’t sleep. Too much caffeine the day before? Or just excited–I’m not really sure. I know I’m not relaxed. 

The last three weeks have literally been a blur. Having to tell my brand-new employer (Apple Retail) that I was leaving to go perform my duties as a United States Marine wasn’t the easiest thing for me to do, but the folks there understood and supported me–even though my total stint of work there was about five weeks! Literally “Hi!……Bye!” Got trained, started my new role working in the back, organizing things–and I’m gone. Good times though–definitely my first choice for doing any gig in retail in the future. And I have a job to return to once this obligation is over. 

Too many things to think about: financial paperwork in order, legal documents, making sure I see my friends before I depart–everything is in a state of incompleteness still. My head is shaved again–the hair experiment is over for now. Back to Mr. Clean mode. I think there’s some definite symbolism there, just like in The Seven Samurai when the samurai leader shaves his own head of his hair before going with the peasants to fight the brigands. 

I’m still in the local area (kinda sorta), at least for now. Hope I’ll have Christmas and New Year’s to spend at home; that’s not set in stone yet. I have no clue when I’ll leave California for points beyond. All I can do is prepare myself mentally, spiritually, psychologically, and physically, for the ordeal experience ahead. 

I still can’t sleep.


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