Posted by: patrick | March 26, 2008

waiting to leave

Counting the days down before we depart to Iraq. A lot’s happened since I’ve posted last: we had our training assessment and rifle range time in February; moved from French Creek at Camp Lejeune to MCAS Cherry Point; spent two weeks home on leave (and there’s plenty of stories to share–and not share–from that time frame); and last weekend I was able to visit my family in Virginia Beach, folks I haven’t seen in about five years. Or was it closer to six?

Trying to slim down my load before we depart; don’t need as much (if any!) cold weather gear in my packs…but still, what should I really hold on to? I tend to pack more than necessary, and in addition, it takes me a frickin long time to pack as well!

Need to make sure to send a few letters home before my departure as well–just got stamps and envelopes. Everyone says they’ll send stuff once I’m out there, which is cool, but what do I really need or want? That’s the question, since I don’t want to be burdened with too much crap.

I may have the opportunity to teach some college classes in math while I’m out there–working on that application at the current time.



  1. i def. owe you a phone call before you head out. don’t worry about my care packages – i’ll probably send some asian stuff from chinatown and burned dvd’s c/o torrents. ;p

  2. I need your mixes too! need your music pics. i survive on them.

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