Posted by: patrick | May 11, 2008

enjoying the 3-0 in iraq

Thanks to all for the brithday greetings! Turning 30 here in Iraq was better than expected–it’s actually kinda cool doing something different than just kickin’ it at home. I still had to work / be on duty, but it was a good day overall–gave myself the luxury of extra food in the chow hall as well as extra ice cream. Yum.

I’ll have to work through all the birthday greets on my Facebook wall–I feel bad when I don’t respond to messages from my folks. I really do appreciate the happy b-day messages–it definitely brought the day up to the next level, even with the 10 hour time difference and the communication blackout due to an incident off base. Occasionally we won’t be able to call home or access the internet here–usually due to a recent KIA (killed in action) in the local area, unfortunately.

Now my current dilemma: I have a boxful of instant ramen packets, but no stove or pot to cook it on! My buddies are telling me to use a bowl and a microwave–an acceptable, if imperfect, alternative. I miss being able to get my favorite kimchi ramen, heat it up on the stove, and mixing in two eggs and some seafood into it. My favorite at-home comfort food–topped with more kimchi, straight from the jar.

I’m going to be Asian-food crazy when I get back to the Bay.


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