Posted by: patrick | June 27, 2008

3 months to go

In 3 months from now, I’ll be leaving this place. Other than that new thought, I’m up to the regular routine: chow, working in the shack, chugging down water to stave off the 110+ temps, and using my free time to read and watch movies and TV shows. 

Just transferred my albums of The Roots to my MacBook Pro’s iTunes library. My whole music collection is stored in my iPod, not my hard drive, and I’ve been lagging in putting my most played music on the computer, so I can jam while writing emails or working on documents. I’m glad I did–for some reason I haven’t played any Roots tracks in a while. Sometimes having a 40 GB+ audio library isn’t helpful–the jewels get buried under all the new music. Playing The Roots reminds me why they’re the hip-hop band. And why they’re even better live.

Lately I’ve been working through episodes of The Sopranos. The base here has a share drive with all sorts of video, including all six seasons of the show. I figure the next few months will give me ample time to finish the whole series.

How to describe the heat here…somehow I thought that above 100˚F, hot just means hot. No way. First off, if we had a day that was merely 100, it would feel much cooler than how I’m feeling right now. Effects such as a clear day for the sun’s beating rays, or high winds also play a role–when the wind’s blowing today, say, it feels like a giant hair dryer’s been put in front of you.  If I can think of better similes and metaphors, I’ll be sure to write them down.

Gonna keep this one short–sometimes, there just isn’t much to say. Until next time.


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