Posted by: patrick | July 5, 2008

happy independence day

Hope you’re enjoying your 4th of July back home! For me, it was my 3rd Independence Day I spent with the Marines–so, another work day, with perks. They did have steak and lobster in the chow hall; can’t complain about that. 

Earlier this week we had a dust storm roll through. Not a major one, but our Marines were working 12 hour shifts, instead of 8. With all the briefings and transport time, it goes up to a 14+ hour work day, so we were all exhausted when the dust lifted after 2 days.

Some conversations overheard the last few days:

Marine 1: “Got anything to read?”

Marine 2: “Yep.”

Marine 1: “Still got that issue of Cosmo?”

Marine 2: “Uh-huh.”

Marine 1: “Can I look at it?”

Marine 2: “Sure.” 


Marine 1: “It’s that kind of deployment.”

AND (in response to some paperwork in progress):

“Give it to me in the can later tonight.”

You just can’t make up this junk.


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