Posted by: patrick | January 30, 2009

enter the 25 chambers…

There’s been this “25 random things about me” post rotating on Facebook Notes recently. While I will post out to the people who tagged me, I decided to publicize mine here as well. I usually don’t do chain forwards, but this one actually seemed fun to do. Here goes.

25. I believe everyone has (or should have) an internal soundtrack. Mine is co-produced my J Dilla and the RZA, with a smattering of 70s sounds, particularly Issac Hayes and Teddy Pendergrass. And of course, there’s the Hans Zimmer overture.

24. Social liberal/leftist, economic centrist/pragmatist, and believer in international co-operation, while keeping a big stick behind you…in the form of a carrier strike battle group with Marine Expeditionary Unit support.

23. My number one source of news: the BBC World Service. My number two: The Daily Show.

22. I see much of my life split by one divider: December 27, 2001. Events in my life happened to me either before my dad’s passing, or after it.

21. At one point, our house had 4 Macs in it (5 if you count the inactive one) and 2 iPhones. Talk about a company having your loyalty.

20. The other day, I was explaining why I’m going back to school now for my master’s in Economics. I believe I said, “I’ve done 8 years of participant observation, and it’s about time to start writing that paper.”

19. I was once a high school math and econ teacher…at a private… Catholic… independent… all-girls school. (To my male friends, I see your jaws dropping. Close them. Now.)

18.  I think I’m more mentally and physically exhausted on a daily basis working retail (at a certain electronics store) than by being a Marine. The Corps will definitely take the cake for the 20-mile hikes.

17. I love my recent LASIK procedure–but I do miss my glasses.

16. Back in the early 90s, MTV would broadcast this old, fascinating show called “Monty Python’s Flying Circus.” I haven’t looked back since.

15. My brother and I had the Nintendo Entertainment System with the ROB for the Gyromite game. We hardly used him; he would play the scientist and I would be ROB. Sometimes I pressed the wrong button and instead shmushed the scientist.

14. I will watch visually disturbing, gory, bloody war movies any day–as long as it’s still a good movie. You shouldn’t sanitize the horrors of battle.

13. I DON’T watch horror films. Especially if they deal with Catholicism.

12. Whoever designed my Cuisinart coffeemaker with the built-in grinder needs a big bear hug from me. I HEART that machine.

11. Reading is my safety zone.

10. I’m a believer in VALUE home theater–get the best electronics you can afford at that time. It saves on upgrade costs later on.

9. I try to be as direct, forthright, and honest to everyone as much as possible. I believe brutal, blunt directness is less painful than tip-toeing around problems–then they fester into something worse.

8. I think I’ve internalized too many samurai movies, anime, and books in my psyche. (Miyamoto Musashi, anyone?)

7. I was definitely a geek in high school–which led to joining a fraternity in college to become more social and popular. Much later I realized that being socially skilled AND a geek are not mutually exclusive. Plus, if someone didn’t accept me for who I really was, then frak it! (Get it, anyone? Frak? F-R-A-K?)

6. As much as I complain about the Marine Corps when I’m in it, I know I’ll miss it when I leave.

5. I’m in better shape now than I was in my 20s.

4. I would hope my ideal relationship would be a Venn diagram with about 60%-70% overlap; plenty of shared experience but enough of my own and her own life to still develop and enjoy. (I don’t know how many women would be into playing Warhammer 40,000….)

3. Some people aspire to be wine connoisseurs. I aspire to be a BEER connoisseur.

2. When people around me discuss personal finance issues, my eyes light up. Think 1-million candlepower searchlights.

1. Ne-Yo got it all on point with “Miss Independent.”


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